Our Team of Teachers

Debbie – Head of School

Debbie has been appointed by the Board of Eastern Suburbs Pre-Primary to look after the management, marketing and financial aspects of the school. With a Post Graduate Diploma Diploma in Business Management and a law degree in progress, as well as more than 20 years experience in leading successful businesses, Debbie brings a unique skillset to the school.

“Eastern Suburbs Pre-Primary School is a part of my personal history – I attended the school in the 1970’s and my mother was one of their first learners in the 1940’s. I love the culture of the school where learning through play is core and the children develop and grow while having fun.

Amalia – Busy Bee Class Teacher (Grade RR)

Amalia has her degree in English and Teaching as well as her honors. She is a wonderful teacher and her classes are always lively and full of activity. The artwork that the Busy Bees produce, cover the walls of the school. Amalia ensures the children in her class cover the full curriculum for Grade RR in a fun and exciting way so that they can approach the more structured requirements of Grade R with ease.

“Working with young children is my passion. I enjoy their spontaneity and energy.  There is never a dull moment in my day, and the experience keeps me fit and young.

I have been a happy member of our Eastern Suburbs family for more than 10 years”

Surprise – Aftercare Teacher

Surprise has been with Eastern Suburbs Pre-Primary School since 2007. She started as an assistant and has developed into one of our favorite teachers. Surprise recently took over as the teacher of our afternoon care and she takes time to ensure the children have a relaxing fun afternoon with planned activities and plenty of free time. Surprise has her Early Childhood Development qualification.

“I have a passion for teaching children, and to make a positive difference in their lives.  Since joining the Eastern Suburbs team in 2007, my love for teaching children to learn and grow in new and fun ways, just keeps on growing.”

Aline – Lion Class Teacher ( Grade R)

Aline joined Eastern Suburbs Pre-Primary after running her own pre-school for many years and comes with a wealth of experience in teaching and developing young children. Aline has a degree and teaching qualification. Combined with her love of Academics, Aline has a strong creative skill and her classroom is a testament to the joy of art in learning.

“The Pre-Primary school teacher strives to prepare a child for formal schooling. 

I believe that the “work” of the child is play, and that all the skills required for school, can be gained in a  relaxed and fun way. 

I had my own playgroup for 23 years, and joined the Eastern Suburbs team at the beginning of 2018.”

Sarah – Assistant

Sarah has been working with and looking after children for more than 25 years and with Eastern Suburbs since 2006. Sarah’s love for children is evident by how many hugs she gives out on a daily basis.

“I have worked at Eastern Suburbs, in the the classes for children aged 12 months to 2 years, since 2006.  I really love to spend my days loving and nurturing the little ones.”

Leonie – Squirrel Class Teacher ( Grade RRR)

Leonie is a very dedicated teacher who has multiple ECD and childcare qualifications. She has been with us since 2007 as the teacher for the Teddy class ( 2-3 year-olds). The children in Leonie’s class thrive under her guidance and love and care.

“I have been very privileged to have been a teacher at Eastern Suburbs for 13 years now.

I say, with pride, that it has been a truly fantastic experience. 

As well as being a teacher, I am a mom of 4 myself, so I know the standard of teaching and care that I would want for my own children.

Eastern Suburbs is truly “The Place to Be,” so I urge you all to come and join our “Eastern Suburbs family,” and make memories that will last you a lifetime.”

Eva – Assistant

Eva helps look after the children in the Teddy and Butterfly class and is an expert in toilet training, she is known to have children trained in a week. Eva is a gentle and caring person and since starting with us in 2009 has become a very valued member of our school family.

“I have been working with children for 17 years. This is my 11th year at Eastern Suburbs Pre-Primary School.  I feel so at home here, and I believe that Eastern Suburbs is “The Place to Be.”

I love my work with all the children, I love my colleagues, and I love working with my principal. My heart also gets very happy every morning when I see the parents relax, and their children’s smiling faces as they run into our school.”


Beth – Butterfly Class Teacher ( Grade RRRR)

Since 2006, Beth has been helping little ones between 1 and 2 years of age adjust to and learn to love school life at Eastern Suburbs. Beth has qualifications in ECD and Child Care.

“I have been working at Eastern Suburbs since January 2006.  I am really privileged to work with our babies and toddlers, aged 12 months to 2 years.  They are the most loveable and huggable ones.  Eastern Suburbs is “The Place to Be.””

Jane – Bunnies class Teacher ( Babies)

Jane has been with Eastern Suburbs Pre- Primary for more than 20 years and has the very special position of looking after the Bunnies – or the babies – from 3 months old to a year. Jane has qualifications in child care and in early childhood development. Jane is naturally loving and caring and is the ideal person to mother these babies.

“I have been working at Eastern Suburbs for the past 17 years.  I have an assistant to the Principal, teaching the Grade R (0) class and now looking after the babies. I absolutely LOVE working with children.”

Paulina – Chief Cook and Bottlewasher

Paulina is responsible for the food and for the keeping our beautiful school clean and sparkling. Paulina and her team make sure that the children get fresh healthy food everyday and that our environment is hygienic and a pleasure to be in.

“I have been part of Eastern Suburbs for 13 years. I really love working at Eastern Suburbs  –  we have a wonderful staff and we love all “our” children.”

Cesar – Security and Gardens

Cesar lives on the property and provides round the clock security for the school. He also maintains our lovely gardens and keeps the buildings looking lovely.