2021 School Fees

Full Day School: 06h30 – 17h30 – Includes Breakfast, Lunch and two snacks

R 4 100.00 per month

R 49 200.00 per annum

Half Day School : 06h30 – 13h30 – Includes Breakfast, Lunch and one snack                     

R 3 200.00 per month

R 38 400.00 per annum

Art Levy :         R 1 200.00 per annum

Administration / Joining Fee:    R 900.00 once-off                                                    

School fees are paid in advance for the month and must reflect no later than the 04th of the month unless other arrangements have been made.

Fees are payable for 12 months of the year

Payment of full years fees before 31 January 2021 will receive a 5% discount

Children will not be admitted until the deposit and first month’s fee have been paid

The Art Levy covers:

  • A full pack of photo’s once a year
  • Any shows at the school
  • All stationery supplies used during the year
  • Special Days such as Heritage Day, Baking days etc.

Bank Account details for all school fees:

Eastern Suburbs Pre-Primary School

First National Bank

Hillcrest Branch