Welcome to Eastern Suburbs Pre-Primary School

Eastern Suburbs Pre-Primary School established in 1937 is one of the oldest and longest running Pre-primary Schools in the city of Pretoria.

Our Mission

Our mission is to nurture, love, educate, lead and teach pre-primary school children everything that they will need to know before entering their formal school years, so that this transition is done with ease and comfort, and that children are all ready, as confident, kind, well-disciplined, respectful and well-mannered youngsters, to start their process of formal learning.

  • We take children from 3 months to 6 years old (Grade R / 0)
  • We open at 06h30 Monday to Friday. ½ day until 13h30, full-day until 17h30.
  • School is open for holiday school for Eastern Suburbs children, during Government school holidays
  • Qualified teachers and assistants in each class.
  • Very spacious grounds, with lots of activities for the children.
  • We also have a qualified therapist on our premises.

Our History 

Eastern Suburbs Pre-Primary School is 87 years old. Our doors opened for the first time in January 1937 and we have continued to uphold the heritage of the school through striving daily to keep the high standard of Academic Performance as was envisaged by the founder. We believe that children learn through play and work hard to ensure a good balance between education and playtime. The grounds of the school are spacious and well-established, ensuring there is a lot of space for the children to run, grow and play.

Years in existance


Max amount of children per class

Children over the years


Eastern Suburbs Pre-Primary School maintains an educational program of a very high standard to ensure our children perform above average when entering primary school.  Our classrooms are light and spacious with plenty of space for children to learn, play and grow.

The school has plenty of educational apparatus which offers the children endless opportunities to explore and discover. The daily programs developed by the educators encourage the learners to make the most of the school and what it has to offer.

A different theme is presented to the classes every week and all the activities center around the theme. Each class teacher develops age-appropriate learning activities for her class in line with the theme, encouraging discussions and sharing of knowledge which helps develop speech and vocabulary as well as self-confidence.

  • Wonderful art activities are set out every day for the children, and they love the play dough, they love learning to cut, painting is so exciting, they love to use their imagination whilst drawing or coloring in, and they also enjoy the sticking activities which are presented for them during class activity time in the mornings
  • A music or movement lesson is also offered, and after outside playtime, a story and a rest peacefully end the daily program.
  • Our extra-mural activities ~ Playball and Ballet, are offered in the mornings, on the school premises. These activities are not part of the school curriculum, so payments are separate from the school fees, and these payments are made directly to the coaches or teachers concerned.

We constantly keep in touch with parents via our weekly newsletters and via WhatsApp group and e-mails.  We encourage parental involvement as much as possible, bearing in mind that time is limited and precious in today’s busy world and believe that open and regular communication between parents and teachers is essential in the development of healthy balanced children.

Monthly school fees are invoiced from January to December at present, either for half-day (until 13h30) or for full day (until 17h30).

We also have a compulsory “Art + Outing levy” for the year, which is used to pay for the children’s photos, the shows/puppet shows at the school, as well as all the art supplies that the children use during the year for their daily art activities.

School Fees 2021

  • HALF day, R3 200.00 PER MONTH (half-day ends at 13h30).
  • FULL day, R4 100.00 PER MONTH (full day ends at 17h30).

For detailed Price information and Terms click here 

Each of our 6 classes has a qualified teacher or nurse, as well as an assistant, with no more than 25 children in the class. We have 6 classes at Eastern Suburbs – a baby /nursery class for children from 03 months to 1 year of age, a class for children from 12 months to 2 years, a class for children who are 2 turning 3 years old in that year, a Grade 000 class for children 3 years turning 4, a Grade 00 class for children who are 4 turning 5 years old during the year, and a Grade 0 class for children who turn 6 in that year.

Children have time to work inside, doing activities that help build up and develop their fine motor skills, as well as plenty of outside playtimes, where they build up their gross motor skills, develop strength, and learn to socialize and share games and ideas with their friends.

All the teachers at Eastern Suburbs are trained to work with children. Our teachers from Grade 000 to Grade 0 are qualified teachers, who all have a shared vision to nurture, love, educate, lead and teach pre-primary school children. We believe the early years of development form the basis for happy, balance and successful adults later in life.

Meet our Teachers and Assistants

Eastern Suburbs Pre-Primary School

154 Duxbury Rd, Hillcrest, Pretoria

Tel: 012 362 0312
Cell: 079 047 5313