We know that it is still fairly early in the year, but please would you come and let us know whether your child will be returning to our school next year or not. We need to start working on our budget and our class numbers for 2019, so the sooner that we have an idea of how many children will be coming back and moving up to their next class in 2019, the better. Obviously it is not written in stone, and there is no pressure, but we do need to
have an estimate please. You can either come and let us know in the office, or you can let your teacher know when you drop your child off at school in the morning.
Many thanks everyone.

Butterflies : Communication.
Teddies : My favourite toy.
Squirrels : Communication.
Busy Bees : Communication.
Lions : Communication.

Once again it is the season for flu, coughing, sneezing, runny noses, fevers, tonsillitis and other strange sicknesses, so we need to remind
and urge all our moms and dads to PLEASE try and keep children at home if they are not well. We are appealing to your logic, your kindness and your consideration, as it serves NO purpose to anyone, to send a sick child to school. They feel awful when they are sick, they are tired and grumpy, they have no ability to concentrate whatsoever, they walk around in a daze, they cough and sneeze constantly all over their friends in class, and their sickness spreads through the class like wild-fire. The BEST cure for sickness is rest – keep your child still, keep him/her quiet and rested, and try your best to keep them at home until they are well enough to attend school again,  without passing on their illness We just ask all our parents to use their discretion when considering sending their sick kids to school anyone else.

Bed rest is best.
Thank you moms and dads.

Quote for the week:

In a world where you can be ‘anything,’ be KIND


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