Welcome to Eastern Suburbs Pre-Primary School

Eastern Suburbs Pre-Primary School was established 1937 as an Association not for Gain, and has earned itself a reputation as one of Pretoria’s leading pre-primary schools.

The school offers an optimum balance between the stimulation of our children’s creative potential, and their emotional and social development, in preparation for the more formal academic demands of a primary school.

We are situated on the main routes into the city.

We have well qualified teachers, experienced assistants, and super-friendly staff.

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Some Activities

Wonderful art activities are set out every day for the children, and they love the play dough, they love learning to cut, painting is so exciting, they love to use their imagination whilst drawing or colouring in, and they also enjoy the sticking activities which are presented for them during class activity time in the mornings.

A music or movement lesson is also offered, and after outside play time, a story and a rest peacefully ends the daily programme.

Our extra-mural activities ~ Playball, Ballet and Judo, are offered in the mornings, on the school premises. These activities are not part of the school curriculum, so payments are separate to the school fees, and these payments are made directly to the coaches or teachers concerned.


Every girl’s dream


Playball Kids sports and coaching programs


A fun and helpful activity we offer

Latest News and Newsletters

August Newsletter

  Windy August  greetings to everybody     A thought for the week: Anything that costs you your peace is too expensive.  J Remember that IT IS LAW IN SOUTH AFRICA that ALL CHILDREN HAVE TO BE BUCKLED UP WHILE DRIVING IN A CAR. We still see children arriving at school...

We are now active on Facebook

Good Day Everyone! To keep up with the modern times and technology, Eastern Suburbs School have decided to open a facebook page for all our parents that are on social media. It has become such a necessary tool in today's world. The school will be using the facebook...

New Website Launch

Eastern Suburbs School is proud to launch our brand new website. We felt it was time for an upgrade not only to keep up with the latest online technology but also to improve our Search Engine presence. Some new features are Newsletters: With the new website platform...

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Eastern Suburbs Pre-Primary School

154 Duxbury Rd, Hillcrest, Pretoria

Tel: 012 362 0312
Cell: 079 047 5313

Email: info@easternsuburbsschool.co.za

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Eastern Suburbs Pre-Primary School

154 Duxbury Rd, Hillcrest, Pretoria

Tel: 012 362 0312
Cell: 079 047 5313